You know those people who love chicken so much that when they go to the restaurant, that’s all they’ll order. I am not one of those people. I am, however, a person who watches movies over and over as should be evident from my anyway movies post a while back.

Well, today is my birthday and when I was sleeping in my Murphy Bed at the condo, you know the type – the ones that fold out of the wall, when I heard noise all through the kitchen. This isn’t that strange when you’re the one who gets to sleep in the living room/kitchen area of your vacation stay room.

So since it was 7 AM and I we had a few hours before anything would open, I decided it was time to watch it. It is The Gnome Mobile, this Disney movie from 1967 starring the Mary Poppins kids. It’s a story about gnomes in the Redwoods whose livelihoods are suffering because the big lumber company steered by D.J. Mulrooney (the Mary Poppins kids’ grandfather) keeps tearing down the trees. Why is this hurting the gnomes? you ask. Well, it’s because they gnomes are all spread out and Jasper can’t find a wife to marry, making his grandfather lose his will to live. So Gnobby, Jasper’s grandfather, is disappearing into death. That’s how they do it, Disney’s gnomes: they don’t die like we do; they just evaporate.

Really you have to see it. I watched it every year for my birthday. Just ask my friend Abby. We were eleven when she came over for a slumber party and she had to watch it with me. I don’t know if she actually liked the movie or if it just stuck in her head forever because it was weird that I liked it and made her watch it with me. No matter the reason, she gets the movie.

We’re watching it now and I’m pretty sure it’s the first time my mom has ever watched the movie. I rented it for the first fifteen years of my life on my birthday and somehow she never watched it. She’s only into it today because we drove through the Redwood Forest the other day and she likes the trees. I think the idea of talking gnomes freaks her out. If she becomes a believer, she’s afraid she’ll be put in the looney bin. Not true, lady. We haven’t put Pops in the nuthouse yet and he talks to his cows daily.

Gnomes are cool. They just are. And the gnomes on this movie are sassy. I like Gnobby, the grandpa gnome. When they get to the hotel and D.J. hides them in the picnic basket, Gnobby complains, “Packed in here like a couple of sandwiches.” He’s the kind of grumpy I’m going to be in twenty more years. (Wink.)

If you’ve never seen The Gnome Mobile and you’re into watching cute, whimsical movies, I’d suggest scrounging your movie resources to find this treasure. Watch it. I’m sure it’ll change your life for the better.

Tata for now.



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