A Day in San Francisco

We’re here. We’re alive. And we’re enjoying the city. Thus far, San Francisco is cute… but it’s dirtier than I had imagined. Perhaps I am spoiled being from Portland, but the city of San Francisco just seems… dirtier… and more worn than Portland, Oregon. But I suppose that would make sense. San Francisco is a bigger, more traveled city than our beloved Portlandia.

When we finally got to San Fran and parked our vehicle for the day, we found our Worldmark. And that’s where we met Henrietta, the concierge. When I told her it was my first time in San Francisco, she got so excited and started sharing ideas of what we should do. I was pretty stoked about it. My dad had one thing in mind: Sam Wo’s, a restaurant in Chinatown. We went searching for it and found it… but it was shut down thanks to… health code violations. My mom and I decided that if that place had issues following the health code, we were ok with not being able to eat there. So we went somewhere else, an Italian style café with lots of sandwiches in it. Pops wasn’t a huge fan; I was just hungry. So we ate and then we walked.

Our first “stop” was Lombard Street, that windy, crazy, not even sensible street in the hilly part of San Francisco. (Wink. Isn’t all of San Francisco hilly?) We walked straight up the hill and when I got to the top, I just shook my head. Sure people in San Fran are quirky, but seriously, why would anyone make a street like that?

We took a different road down the hill; Hyde Street takes you down to the waterfront and to Fisherman’s Warf. Before we could head to Ghilardelli Square, we ended up at The Buena Vista for some Irish Coffee. This was the only thing my mom wanted to do in San Francisco. Ever since we started planning, her plans included some Irish Coffee. Well – she got it so there’s no way she could complain about not meeting her goals.

My highlights:
• Going to Bubba Gump’s on Pier 39
• The crab melt and bottle of chardonnay my mom and I shared at the Franciscan Crab Restaurant

My lowlights:
• Taking my last ride on the carousel on Pier 39. It was my last ride because my dad and I were the only adults; I suppose I’m too old to ride the horsey ride anymore.
• Eating the gigantic brownie sundae at Ghilardelli – sure it was tasty, but I felt sick after eating it.
• The ridiculousness of Lombard Street – these people built a rode on a whimsy. This was silly.

That about sums it up. I’d better head out for a few more hours in San Fran before the long drive home.

Tata for now.



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