Lesson Learned: Don’t listen to the concierge if you’re in a hurry.

Yesterday was pretty much the most stressful day of my vacationing life – and I’ve vacationed a bit.

We were set to head out from San Francisco at 12 noon. But when my mom talked to the concierge about trying to get a city tour, our friend Henrietta, the concierge on duty, booked us a tour for the city and Alcatraz, claiming that we’d be done with the whole thing by 11:30 am. The tour alone went until noon forty-five and then we had to wait for our Alcatraz tour until 2:40 pm. This wouldn’t have been any problem if I weren’t such a freak. In case you haven’t gathered from reading my blog, I’m a bit neurotic. I like to have things orderly and… well organized. While I enjoy the occasional spontaneous day, if it means that I’m going to end up being late for work one day, I stress. So that’s what I did… until I ate the ice cream. Two scoops of Dreyer’s Espresso Ice Cream on Pier 39 cured me and I ended up enjoying the majority of the crazy day.

Here are a few pix to show the highlights:

Number One:

I saw the Golden Gate Bridge from somewhere other than a TV screen or a car window. I was able to take pix of it on my phone and my camera. So fun.

Golden Gate Bridge

Number Two:

The broken toilets on Alcatraz Island were pretty crazy. Seeing those toilets and seeing the cells made me decide once again not to commit any serious crimes. I couldn’t handle prison.

toilets on Alcatraz

Number Three:

Alcatraz Island was so worth the stress caused by the long detour. My dad claims that they’re going to turn the Island back into a maximum-security prison. I claim that they could only do that if they kept people in the underground tunnel facility I know they have made underneath by now. This is the 21st century, you know.

Alcatraz Island

Number Four:

I love spending time with my mom. Most of the time, I take pictures of her on our trips and on my real camera, there are plenty of her posing and not posing during our journey. But this trip, she kept taking pictures of me. She really wanted this time to be fun and special for all of us. I think the whole thing was, because she was there. (Note: the picture is one of those she took of me. I’m squinting like a villain, but oh well.)

Me by a body of water

Number Five:

The Cable Cars of San Francisco: They’re cute and fun, but they don’t get you where you need to be at a reasonable time. I took this picture on the night of the 16th, our first night in San Fran. When we finally got back from Alcatraz and were headed back to our hotel, Ma Bunn got us tickets to go back to the hotel via Cable Car. We waited in line for our Cable Car for an hour. Then our Cable Car broke down two streets from our stop. We weren’t aloud to leave while the Car was without its cable. It was ridiculous. Don’t worry though, even through my stress I showed myself to be a perfectly civil visitor to the beautiful city that is San Francisco.

Cable Car at night

Thanks for joining me on my mini-adventure to San Fran. #californiaforthirty was definitely a success.

Tata for now.



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