Success: They liked the Thirty for Thirty Taste Test

I wasn’t sure if they would like it or hate it. My mom asked me, “Uh, what are people going to eat if they want real food?” I scoffed at her and said, “I wrote in the invite that it wasn’t a real meal.” This taste test was supposed to be more substantial in the beginning, but when I hit the grocery store it turned into a pick stuff I’ve never tried or let’s experiment sort of taste test.

I didn’t take any pictures. But I wrote about the thirty tastes this morning so you can imagine all of them on a table with purple plates, purple napkins, and purple plastic silverware to go with it. It was fun.

MayTay loved it. She came up to me and said, “Tia Rece, this is the best birthday party ever!” That was precious.

And then my mom came up to me with her little purple plate and said, “I feel like a naughty kid – eating whatever I want.”

My brother-in-law Mark took the taste test pretty seriously. He tried EVERY ITEM even though he is apparently 100% opposed to a few of the products. These “Blehs” are the Mallo Cups (the chocolate covered marshmallows that have coconut in them), Ants on a log (he loves peanut butter but hates it when you ruin it with celery), and Espresso Stout (apparently he loves all coffee).

My sister-in-law and her husband Ben (my brother) both Wowed 13 of the tastes, winning themselves prizes that they could give to their daughters. (Wowing means that they gave the “loved it” rating.)

Shane and Jim – Well… they were here and they tried more than I expected them to try. I wish I’d been here when they first stopped by before they went to town to get real lunch before the party. I feel kinda bad about that. I understand though. I suffered through my Thirty for Thirty Taste Test as a lunch… and at the end I was thinking I should have had something a little more substantial. Meh. Too late now.

If you ever decide to make your own Thirty for Thirty Taste Test, I suggest you organize your flights a bit better than I did and perhaps develop a theme that perhaps helps the tastes work together a little better. Or you can do what I do: randomness equals awesomeness.

Tata for now.



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