Hump Day Relief

If you’ve had a particularly taxing day or week for that matter, there is only one thing you can do. No, alcohol is not the answer. And now, you’re not going to watch Friends today. You are going to do a highly unusual, quite spirited thing. You are going to grab some scratch paper, make yourself a paper crown and throw yourself a dance party.

Here’s what you do.

Step One:

Find scratch paper, scissors, tape, and markers or crayons. Cut the paper in half in a zigzag pattern. Color the front side of the paper. Put the two pieces together and tape them. You may need to add more sections if you have a big head. Put the crown on.

Step Two:

Find your iPhone, laptop computer, boom box, CD player or whatever you use to listen to music without headphones and pick out your favorite album or playlist.

Step Three:

Dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Any Questions?

Does this really work?

Thanks for asking. Of course it works. I did it the other day. I had come home from a particularly long day at work: my back hurt; I was hungry; and I felt like being incredibly anti-social. But then my seven-year-old niece decided that she wanted to hang out so I thought for a second and I made a command decision. It was time for a little escape from reality. We did it. And we took a picture of ourselves in the process.

hump day relief

Enjoy your hump day relief.



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