What do you do on a Friday night?

In reality, I actually went out to dinner this Friday night. I drove my dad and myself to downtown McMinnville where we ate dinner at a fancy, farm-to-fork style restaurant called, Thistle. I was a huge fan and took plenty of notes for a Yelp review tomorrow. But we ate so early that by 7:45 PM, we were back home. I suppose it’s not too lame, I mean I do have to be at work at 6 AM tomorrow morning, but still, I can’t get past the feeling that perhaps I’m not as cool as I was in my mid-twenties or my three years living in Ukraine when nights out were fun and exciting and usually unpredictable.

Instead, after dinner this evening, when I got home, I started writing on my computer and writing facebook and twitter messages to my big sister. Can I just say: we’re awesome. I think this awesomeness comes out of being poor. When you’re poor and work crappy jobs (and by crappy jobs I mean jobs that give you a crappy schedule in which you have to work at 6 AM on a Saturday morning), you can’t really afford a huge night out. Sure you can get your dad to take you out to dinner, but when he can’t do that, you’re pretty much just stuck at home with your phone. And that’s when you start tweeting.

@shellimbunn and I have had many non-intentional weekend virtual dates when we’ve both been lounging around in our pajamas and have tweeted, texted, and facebook commented back and forth. It’s a lively debate and it’s always fun, but it’s not face-to-face. I suppose this is what online dating is like. You write back and forth a bunch, hoping to catch a glimpse of this person’s soul so that when you do meet face-to-face you can finally have it all. I would like it if my sister lived closer to me. She’d probably pester me about the Les Schwab guys enough that I’d finally muster the courage to ask one of them out. But since she’s not, I’m going to keep up the Friday night routine: first dinner, then twitter.

Tata for now.



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