To Be Normal, You’ve Gotta …

To be a “normal” person, there are certain things you should understand about pop culture. That’s right, isn’t it? I mean, if you want to have friends or meet people at a mixer, you have to be able to talk about the big topics. I’m not even talking about the topics specific to professions like journalists discussing the latest news buzz or lawyers discussing Supreme Court cases. I still think it’s important for all of us to at least know the gist of these important cultural items, but there are even more, slightly superficial items that a person really should have watched, listened to, or at least read the Wikipedia article about to be at least semi-normal.

Here’s the list:

• The original three Star Wars movies – I would say all six, but I still haven’t seen all of the first three episodes and therefore I can’t claim that they’re as important as the first.
• At least ONE of the four Indiana Jones movies – You’ve gotta know who he is, guys!
• A James Bond movie or two, hopefully a few more with different actors playing Bond so you can participate in the debate as to who is the best Bond.
• Lost, the TV show.
• Shakespeare – You should have read or watched a play, at least when you were going through high school.
• The Odyssey – You may have slept through parts of it, but you should at least know the idea behind the book and you should also know something about the other story, you know… the one about Troy and the Trojan horse. If not, watch the movie with Brad Pitt.
• You should know the pop stars from your day. In my day, it was Hanson, All-4-One, Boys 2 Men, N ‘Sync, and the Backstreet Boys. Now it has something to do with Justin Bieber and One Direction.
• You should know who the Beatles are and at least be able to sing one line from a song.
• You should know who “the king” was.
• Friends – You should have seen at least one episode of this show.

Well – I know there are more… but I also know that there are surely some people who can’t reference these things. I had friends in grad school who had never seen Star Wars. Get out from under the rock, people!

I realize that I may know two much about TV and movies, but there are just certain names everyone should know. Above I mentioned Indiana Jones and James Bond. But there are other important ones like:
• Kevin McCallister
• Harry Potter
• Frodo Baggins
• Chandler Bing (Come on, you know he’s the best of the six!)
• Chris Farley
• Matt Foley, the motivational speaker
• Debbie Downer
• Liz Lemon
• Leslie Knope

I mean, seriously people. These are important people.

I suppose if you don’t know some of these people you are still technically a person and I also suppose that my version of normal may be different than Roosevelt’s standard definition. (Did you catch that Roosevelt reference? It was intentionally put there to be confusing.)

What I meant to say guys was… have a perfectly normal Sunday.

Tata for now.



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