Getting Through Today’s News

“What news should I write about?” I asked my mom. She looked at me, slightly confused and concerned. “It’s Monday. What should I write about? I don’t want to write about Boston or anything, nothing about wars or whatever cuz that makes me sad so what should I write about?”

In case you haven’t noticed, every Monday is news day on this blog. It’s when I find a bit of news and share it with you, my readers. But when it comes to the sad news like the bombings in Boston, I avoid writing about it. It makes me too sad. My life as an idealist has shifted in the past five years and when scenes like that Sunday marathon in Boston take place, my heart breaks. So I find different news to share with you. Like did you know that a taxi cab company in Boise is turning to French fries for fuel? For real. How awesome is this? I have a slight prejudice against Idaho, but I shouldn’t. There are a few treasures in Idaho and the city of Boise is one of them. It doesn’t surprise me that Recab is in Boise. Way to go, folks!

And a Kentucky lady has become ordained in defiance of the Roman Catholic Church. Here’s what gets me about the article:

The Catholic Church teaches that it has no authority to allow women to be priests because Jesus Christ chose only men as his apostles. Proponents of a female priesthood said Jesus was acting only according to the customs of his time.

Seriously, Catholicism is an old-boy’s club. Send Leslie Knope to the Vatican! She could fix a thing or two.

There are many more things in the news these days, things relating to Obama, Japan, Korea, Bosnia and the like. I hope that you have time to see them all and if you’re a news lightweight like me, you might need a little bit of the Booger-eating news below.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 7.39.08 PM

Tata for now.



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