42 is the best movie and now the best sports number (at least in my book)

I loved 42! This isn’t just because I’m a total sucker for great sports movies. I am that, but I’m an even bigger sucker for stories about courageous people who fight adversity to make this world a better place.

42 is the story of Jackie Robinson, a young African-American baseball player who was brought up to the big leagues to play with the white boys. Harrison Ford plays Branch Rickey, the cigar smoking, limit-pushing professional baseball executive who broke the racial boundaries in the Major League Baseball by signing Jackie Robinson played by Chadwick Boseman. You might think that in sports, color wouldn’t matter, but in 1940s professional baseball, it sure did to some folks. Robinson survived through the trials he faced with the help of his loving wife Rachel played by Nicole Beharie. Rachel helped him keep his cool head though she often cried with him when they were refused service and booed in the stadiums.

I don’t think I’ve watched another movie that has made me feel as inspired and protective of fellow mankind. Racism and prejudice can’t be fought with education and exposure. It’s when people grow up in a bubble where only what they see and hear is right and the rest is wrong that the ignorance clouds their judgment and hate is born.

I loved 42 so much I would watch it again and again. But since my funds aren’t limitless, I plan to buy it on DVD so I can do that at home.

Here’s the preview to give you a glimpse at this fabulous movie. Maybe you should take a gander at it.

Tata for now.



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