Getting Naked on Hump Day

What you do when you’re alone is all about you, right? When you live alone, you can go to the bathroom without closing the door. You can walk from the shower to your room without throwing on a bathrobe. You can drink wine and eat cheese in your kitchen naked. It’s up to you.

Every once in a while though, I seem to run into people that forget that they’re not all alone and I catch them in strange positions. The first was this past winter. I had been staying with my sister for about a week when I went inside the house to use the bathroom and I saw my brother-in-law in his underwear. I’m sure this shouldn’t be a huge deal, but it was because he sort of rushed from the room and then told my sister that he’d forgotten I was there and he realized he couldn’t walk around in his underwear anymore.

The other happened last week. I wasn’t working on Wednesday. It was my Saturday after a six-day week of retail life. So I went out into the living room where my dad was sitting on the couch in his underwear. It made me laugh a bit and I teased him about being really comfortable in his own house. I’m sure I shouldn’t have joked with him. I didn’t mean to embarrass the guy, but it was funny. He decided to get changed when I start talking about the video clip I posted below. It’s from Friends when Rachel decides to dance around naked in the kitchen. Ross thinks she’s trying to lure him over so they can have sex, which is so not the case… at least in this episode. So there you go. Enjoy.



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