Bon Appétit, you’ve butchered it!

I’d like to talk a bit about bon appétit, the magazine of pretention and ugly white plates. It’s a magazine for the insanely rich, the gourmet foodies, and the folks who generally don’t eat food from a guy with an unkempt beard in a moveable truck. In the May 2013 edition of Bon Appétit, they did a feature story about NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) where two New York chefs go on an eating tour of this dynamic city.

Nice try guys, but somehow I think you missed it. The article is tailored for people who frequent the Garden District and eat cereal in a crystal bowl. It’s not very practical for most travelers, but I suppose people who subscribe to Bon Appétit may be a bit on the pretentious side when it comes to food.

That article talks about blue crab beignets. Bleh! Beignets are supposed to be covered in powdered sugar and consumed with coffee. Why would you ruin these donuts with shellfish? (Insert disgusted face and shutter here.)

If Bon Appétit asked me to eat my way through the city of New Orleans, I would do it a little bit differently. Here’s a taste of my Top Five List on Yelp.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 6.44.08 PM

1. Commander’s Palace Restaurant – 25-cent martinis and fancy, delicious salads.
2. The Court of Two Sisters – Now here’s a pretentious eatery that I was proud to consume brunch at.
3. Café Du Monde – This is where you get the beignets.
4. Yo Mama’s Bar & Grill – This is the crazy bar/restaurant in the middle of dirt and Bourbon.
5. Pat O’Briens – This is the place you go to drink hurricanes, pay the restroom attendant, and meet random strangers.

I’m sure some might find my list a bit cliché, but it works for me. It’s fun, fresh and it includes all the fun spots I read about before I went to this marvelous city. We found some other places, some holes in the wall and quirky establishes (all reviewed by me on Yelp) but these are the places I would send my friends. These are the places I would want to go back. These are the places I would go for my birthday if I lived in town. NOLA is an awesome city and I’m sorry Bon Appétit, but you just sorta failed to bring that city to life in your most recent article.

Tata for now.



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