This time last year…

This time last year, I was chilling in Kremenets with my friend Morgan. I had less than a month left in Ukraine and since she was pretty much my best friend over there, I spent a lot of time with her at the end of my service. Since she spent many a weekend chilling with me in Ternopil, it seemed to only make sense that I’d go see her at her home base. So I did. I took a bus to her city and jumped off when I saw this building.

church in Kremenets

Churches in Ukraine have always fascinated me. They are gorgeous and elaborate and somehow have the money to stay maintained over the years. But the schools seem to lose power and often lack indoor plumbing… I’m not sure about all of this. If the churches at least offered public restrooms, maybe I could buy into the fancy nature of their buildings.

But back to that weekend in Kremenets, it was awesome. Morgan’s kiddos wanted her and I to play soccer with them and within minutes of proving my awful skills in the sport I got bored, so I ended up wandering around the rainy sports fields with two of the tiny girls from her dorm. They were too small to be effective in the soccer game so they liked to watch. I fit in well with them quite well. Other highlights include a parade for the 9th of May, Victory Day to all of Ukraine, and then a hike up castle hill and a tumble down the hill. Really, I shouldn’t have worn a skirt if we were planning on hiking up a hill. Did I forget to pack jeans or something? I’m judging myself right now for my poor packing choices last year.

And here’s an added bonus for you.

MoRo and Rece

It’s a terrible picture, isn’t it? My eyes are closed and I think I see gray hair. I’ve been told that my hair is now a brownish color, but I never realized that I went through a short gray phrase while living in Ukraine in May of 2012. MoRo looks great and full of life, as usual. She’s still in Ukraine right now. She’ll be back in California soon enough. But back to me (because all things in life are about me, right?) – that pink shirt is part of a pink shirt/ brown skirt outfit I bought in Poland. It was not appropriate to wear for a day of hiking up a hill. But at least my purple phone fit in my backpack’s cell pocket. My iPhone is way too big for it!

Tata for now.



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