Onion Theory – You’ve got to lie to find love.

You have to lie to find happiness. This is what I’ve learned from television and from my parents’ relationship. On TV, characters pretend to be whatever the person they’re trying to hook want them to be so that the person will decide that they are worth the effort and the money they need to put into an engagement and/or wedding ring, and they get married.

My parents got married when they were 21 years old. They’d been dating for about six months. My dad thought my mom was excited by the prospect of them one day owning a farm and raising animals and hay. My mom thought he was cute and that with some gentle nudging, he would follow the path his professors were pushing towards and that he would be a teacher, not a farmer so they could grow old and happy together in the city. Thirty years later my dad realizes that my mom is a city girl and that he’s a country boy. He asks her daily if she wants to help feed the cows and she laughs in his face. They’re happy. But in the beginning, they must have had a few omissions to make this marriage happen.

That’s just life, I suppose. Here’s a clip from one of my favorite TV shows. It shows us that love, in fact, requires a bit of blindness and insanity and perhaps a bit of lying by omission. Enjoy.

Tata for now.



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