Sad News Day

On Monday, news day on this blog, I usually try to go online and find some silly bit of news to share so I can comment about it and generally enjoy the silly aspects of American life. I think of this whimsical take on the news like my “the edge,” the funny news column in The Oregonian; my history teacher in eighth grade loved reading the edge to us because we were eighth graders and would generally laugh at anything.

But when I went to look at the headlines today, I realized that things are not so good. The headlines are as they usually are – full of shootings, accidental deaths, and bombings. The worst of all of these, was of course the story from Cleveland of Ariel Castro, the sadistic kidnapper and rapist who imprisoned three women for ten years. Now, I’m in opposition of the death penalty, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t hope that Ariel dies a slow and painful death. Whatever power possesses a person to devalue other people this much deserves to be quenched. I don’t understand how people can have such little value for other people. Like human-trafficking. How does this happen? Why does this happen? What has become of humanity?

When I was in high school, I told this guy Nic that I wanted for there to be an end to war and conflict. “But Sharece,” he said, “life would be so boring that way. You need conflict for life to be exciting.” When I read about stories like Castro’s and the three girls, Michelle, Amanda, and Gina, (Yes. They have names and faces. When you hear their names or see their faces, it makes the story hurt all the more.) I wish that I could live in a perfect little world where chocolate bars grow on trees and people smile all the time and do the right thing. But unfortunately, this will never happen. People suck. That’s why they do gross, horrible things like Castro did. And because of his bad choices, Michelle, Amanda, and Gina will spend years in therapy, trying to work through the psychological issues Castro imposed upon them by raping them repeatedly for ten years while keeping them in captivity.

I feel sorry for these three girls and I feel sorry for any other women in this situation. It’s not right that they had to go through hell for ten years. It’s not fair that they were enslaved by a disgusting excuse for a human being. I suppose that through all this, I can just hope that the teachers and parents here in America are teaching their kids to be good, decent people. If public school teachers are able to reach out to lost kids, perhaps in the future, they won’t make choices like Castro and they will know how to show respect to people. I don’t know if this is a good way to look at this story, but when something like this gets to me like it did this morning, I have to search for that silver lining. There’s got to be more hope than this…


Links to the story:

Footage of escape

Brothers Declare Castro is a Monster.


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