May 18 is Restaurant Day

Food. Restaurants. Who doesn’t like these things? Sure anorexic people don’t like them. But bulimics do, they just throw stuff up after they enjoy all the juices and awesomeness hitting their taste buds (though why anyone would ruin the taste and satisfaction of eating good food by throwing it up and getting the barf taste in one’s mouth is beyond me). I’m one of those people that really enjoys her food, like a lot. I really like food. But I’m not a huge fan of MOST junk food. (Taco Bell is a huge exception.) I don’t like Cheetos (they get cheesy grossness on your fingers). And I don’t like Lays potato chips; if you want potato chips, you’ve got to go for the gold thus I like Kettle chips and I like them to be BBQ flavored. But as for hot dogs from street vendors, I’m not a huge fan. This is not the case with Liz Lemon in the pilot episode of 30 Rock. In this episode, she buys all the hot dogs. What? I’m serious. She buys all the hot dogs. She’s mad that the people in the hot dog line formed two lines, thus basically cutting in front of her and she buys all the hot dogs so the people in the second line (not her line) can’t get any. She’s a tyrant when it comes to her hot dogs. Why, you ask, do I respect this choice? Because it’s hilarious. We all want to shout at the people who break rules and piss us off when we’re waiting for our hot dogs, but we don’t because we don’t have an excuse like Asperger’s and we’re not Tina Fey (Tina Fey, by the way, has a birthday tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TINA! You’re my hero!) so we can’t write our own shows where we get to act out all the inappropriate social situations we wish we could sabotage when we hate the people we see around us. We can, however, eat hot dogs, order smoothies, and go into restaurants for legitimate food experiences.

So tomorrow, May 18th is not just Tina Fey’s birthday. It is also Restaurant Day. So I think you should celebrate it. After you’re done reading this blog post and pushing like on it (as you do every time you read my blog, I’m sure), phone a friend. Make a plan for tomorrow night and then tomorrow after you spend a day blogging, taking photos, or planting your garden, get dressed in your favorite outfit, and head out to a restaurant. If you want, order a light main course and then make sure to order dessert because, let’s be honest, isn’t dessert the best part of every meal? (Wink!)

Tata for now.



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