Quirky is good.

My dad likes to tell me every so often, “Rece-girl, you are weird.” This usually comes up after I’ve done a little jig in the middle of his living room for no apparent reason or when I’ve told him a story about how a silver fish tried to eat me. (This really happened. This past weekend, I was in bed reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower and a silver fish started sashaying across my white sheet right next to my face. I screamed and had to have my sheets checked before I got back into bed and shut off the lights. I didn’t chance reading with the light on anymore, knowing that another silver fish was bound to make its way to my covers.) The point is, I’m a little quirky and when my dad sees this, he tells me I’m weird.

Weird isn’t a bad thing. Weird is what ensures no one will sit next to me on the plane if there are extra seats on board. Weird is what allows me to have empty seats on both sides of me and in front of me when I go to a movie by myself. Weird is what keeps me sane and keeps you reading this blog. Weird is good.

Tina Fey is weird. I know this because no one completely normal would ever become a cast member of Saturday Night Live. No normal person would create a show like 30 Rock. As my dad says, only a weird person would do this. Tina Fey is weird. And today, as you might have known if you read yesterday’s post, is Tina Fey’s birthday. From one weird chick to another: Happy Birthday, Tina.

Abraham Lincoln was kinda weird too. He was extremely tall and on top of that, he wore a gigantic top hat – Weird. It’s strange. It’s like when tall women wear high heels. Why would you do this unless you’re trying to hook a 7-foot NBA player? And why would the NBA player pick you when he’s probably wanting to date a short lady that makes him feel like he’s a macho man because she’s not the same height as him even in her 7-inch heels. This is weird, no? Or perhaps it’s just weird that I’m writing about it. Jury’s still out on that one.

I find it weird that some people wear socks with sandals. But occasionally, I wear my high-water pants. Even after my facebook friends gave me suggestions, like – roll up the legs a bit or make cut-offs or even buy a new pair of pants, I never took their suggestions. Rather, I continue to wear those high-waters and look down and laugh at my own ridiculousness. I am quirky.

Quirky, weird, unique – whatever you want to call it – is a good thing. Because quirky is what makes us individuals. Quirky is what makes us different from one another. Embrace the quirky. I know I do.

Tata for now.



One thought on “Quirky is good.

  1. You know what, I never really considered Tina Fey weird until today. I actually just saw her as normal because I can also relate to her. But now that you mention it, I guess we’re the “weird, quirky” ones and everybody else is “normal”. My dad also tells me I’m weird all the time (like everyday because I practice doing the robot in our living room) so i guess we have that in common as well.

    Great post, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on quirky.

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