There’s no place like home. (Or shoes make the world a better place.)

Ruby red slippers are truly, honestly magical.

Ruby Red Slippers.05.23.13

They just are. I mean, you’ve seen that movie, right? The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy is in the Land of Oz and all she has to get her back to Kansas are some red slippers that get her out of her coma and back into reality. The shoes saved her. I really think this is true for most shoes. Last night, I bought a new pair of shoes.

hiking friends

As you can see, they’re not ruby slippers, but they do keep my feet dry. I’ve had a few issues with my footwear since starting at Lowe’s. My main job has been to water plants and for some reason (it could be the hose, my pants, my inability to hold a watering wand straight, or my need to have something to complain about) my shoes and pants have always gotten soaking wet which in turn left me with stinky feet and shoes. Yesterday was especially rotten. My feet were stinky and gross and I was cold. So I drove to REI and picked out those hiking boots and man, it’s like my whole outlook on life has changed. Feet = dry. Mind = Blown! All for a pair of outdoor shoes? Abso-frickin’-lutely.

Tata for now.



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