Green for Sleep

I envy Sleeping Beauty. She’s got it all: a castle; a prince; an expensive crown; no debt, in fact if she acquired any debt all her family would have to do would be to tax the people throughout their kingdom; she’s got fancy clothes; and she gets to sleep for years with no interruptions. Seriously. The latter reason is the true reason I am jealous of Sleeping Beauty, she gets to sleep FOREVER and no dumb alarm wakes her up.

I’ve heard it said that sleeping too much can be damaging to one’s soul as it causes lethargy and passivity. I think the person who said this is full of crap and probably makes up statistics and studies all the time so he can seem smart at dinner parties. I don’t believe that it is possible to sleep too much. Sleeping is what strengthens our immune systems. If you sleep enough, you don’t get sick. Seriously, I always get sick in the middle of vacation time, when I’m staying up late and getting up early so as not to miss one second of free-time from work.

There’s only one version of Sleeping Beauty that I dislike. It’s the trilogy Anne Rice wrote in which the princess is raped out of her slumber. Bleh! Gross! Why did she ruin the sweet tale Disney left us with? That is one version in which I will never envy Sleeping Beauty.

The point of all this, my friends, is that when I wake up early in the morning, no matter how many hours of sleep I have already gotten, I hate to be woken up. I grumbled obscenities at my iPhone this morning once every nine minutes while it went off between 5 and 6 am.

Sleep is something to be honored and treasured. It’s not something we’re supposed to take advantage of. Sleep, after all, is the fuel for life. (Those of you who claim that giving up sleep and adding exercise has more positive effects for one’s health, I bite my thumb at you!)

Tata for now.



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