How to Lose at Hangman

I have discovered how to lose at Hangman. The key is this: play with a seven-year-old. Kids who are seven don’t know how to spell very well. So you won’t ever know quite what their spaces are going to spell.

On Monday, I hung out with my niece for about a half hour before meeting up with my sister Shanna. I didn’t want to pull out all of my crafting supplies like Maddie lies to do so I came up with a different option. “Let’s play hangman!” I said excitedly. She didn’t know what it was at first. When she realized what it was, she sort of tried to weasel out of it, but I wouldn’t let her.

I went first. It was the one on the left.

Tia Rece hangman2.06.05.13

She didn’t know how to spell scissors so that was fun. Then she did hers, which you’ll see below. I had trouble with it though, because I don’t spell swim with two ms and I don’t spell about, “bawt.” I just don’t. So then I had my second turn which was tricky for her and she almost lost. So she decided to trick me. And that is what you’ll see in on the right side of Maddie’s sheet below.

MayTay Hangman.06.05.13

It’s nothing. Literally. She laughed the entire time I guessed letters and then at the end, I made her fill it out and she put numbers and random “u”s in (which I had guessed already) and then she said she tricked me. I told her she cheated. So I made her suffer through one last puzzle. Here is was.

Tia Rece hangman.06.05.13

She got embarrassed when she read it because I had said she was talented. She’s humble, which is good, but she’s also a bit of a turkey, which is what I really wanted her to get in this hangman message.

So if you’re having an off day this Wednesday, play hangman with a seven-year-old, you’re bound to perk up once you realize that even if you’re a bad speller, you at least play hangman properly.

Happy Hump Day!



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