The Only Legitimate Fast Food Restaurant

There is only one place I will willingly eat fast food. It’s that place south of the border. Oh right, it’s not really south of the border but it does have a bell and looks a bit like an adobe from places closer to the equator. And by this, I mean that it has bright colors. I LOVE bright colors. You know where I’m talking about. It’s Taco Bell, duh!

Taco Bell has one food item that I order every time. It’s a soft taco supreme. It’s so delicious that it basically melts in my mouth. Or more accurately, it makes me happy to be alive. The Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial from this year captures this feeling.

If you were watching the game and you saw this, there’s no way you didn’t develop a few ounces of respect for the Taco Bell team, I mean, seriously.

Plus, to those of us who grew up in the middle of nowhere America, we grew up on Taco Bell. In high school, we’d drive to the nearest city with a Taco Bell and spend a dollar on a taco. So when we go back as adults, we remember the empty wallets and can laugh at the new commercials.

I like Taco Bell. Even though it’s still “fast food,” I just think of it as good food.

Tata for now.



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