My Oregon Skies

Oregon. Oregon is mine. I belong to it. It belongs to me. That’s just the way it is. I know I could move and find a job doing journalism or something Peace Corps related in Washington D.C. or so I’ve been told. But I love Oregon. So I stay and I work where I work and I plan for my future adventures. And I love it.

But Oregon skies often look like this.

gray sky

They are gray and full of clouds. These clouds confuse visitors and steal away their optimism and hope. But they shouldn’t. These gray clouds bring rain and occasionally thunder and lighting. The rain causes things to grow and change and the thunder and lightning make for interesting conversation pieces over candlelight graham cracker dinners when the power goes out. These gray clouds aren’t really dreary or bad, they’re just misunderstood.

People like blue skies kind of like this one.

blue sky

But this picture isn’t real. I photoshopped it. I used my computer to change the color. I put a mask on the gray sky to make it more appealing, but it is a false façade. It’s not fair. I shouldn’t have changed it to make it look different than what it really is. What else do we change? What else to we cover up? When do we stop and just face the reality of what is?

Oregon has many gray days and some of the gray days come and I feel sad. And Oregon has really good days when the skies are bright blue and the sun burns even the heartiest plant leaves a bright orange color. The skies differ like our days and our lives differ. Some years are sunny years. Some months are gray that turn into darker shades to almost blackish times. But when the clouds part, the rainbow shows up and we believe that there’s a leprechaun guarding our pot of gold for us; a promising future awaits.

From my sky to yours,



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