Friday Night Fun: Hosting a Toast Party

You’re broke. You can’t afford beer or a night out. So you look in the fridge and you see that all you’ve got is a loaf of bread, butter, mayo, mustard, half a hunk of cheese, and three varieties of jam. No worries. You’ve got everything you need to host a great party. It’s a toast party. Granted, this sort of party works best when you’re a college student living in a dorm room with your first hand-me-down toaster, but it also works on a random Friday night when your friends come over to play video games, Scrabble, or for a marathon of Arrested Development on Netflix. Try it. It’s bound to make for a memorable experience.

I basically already mentioned all the things that you need for a toast party, but in case you missed it, I’ll spell it out in recipe-ish form.

Materials needed:
• Toaster
• A knife (to spread stuff on the toast)
• A loaf or two of bread, preferably pre-sliced
• Butter
• Jam
• Peanut Butter
• Nutella
• A plate or a napkin or clean hands with which to hold toast after prepared until eaten
• Other condiments: This may include mayo, mustard, and cheese as introduced in opening of blog post to make for a toasted open-faced sandwich toast experience as well as cream cheeses, relishes, or different kinds of vinegar as desired.

Plug in your toaster. Insert slices of bread into toaster slots and push down on toaster “button.” Adjust toaster to desired toastedness. (I do this after pushing button, but some might do this before.) When toast pops up, take knife and spread desired condiment on piece of toast. For best results, put spread two different condiments on your two pieces of toast; variety rocks and makes for a more diverse toast party. Eat and be merry with fellow toast partiers. Unplug your toaster. (Make sure to do this final piece before you leave your house… just in case.

Happy Friday!



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