Me and My Goldfish Crackers

When I was a freshman in college, my roommate brought a mini fridge to our dorm room. I really didn’t understand the necessity of it as I had a full meal plan and would mostly consume Frosted Strawberry Poptarts and Goldfish Crackers in our room. My Goldfish came in a two-gallon paper carton. It was epic and even though I ate a lot of food, it took me forever to eat my way through that carton of crackers.

These days, I don’t eat many Goldfish Crackers. My nieces do though. My sister Shanna just came to the house with her step-daughter. Ayla was eating Goldfish out of her little Ziploc bag and as I watched her munch away, I started to remember the first time I ate Goldfish crackers. I was a little girl, about Ayla’s age and I was with our family friend, Krissa Caldwell in the grocery store. She picked out the paper baggie of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers and put it in the cart. She opened them when we went to the car; they were perfect.

I didn’t see Goldfish again for a while… until Ma Bunn took me with her to get after school snack treats for my siblings. That’s when she started to get the Goldfish Crackers and Teddy Grahams. She taught me how to spell out my siblings’ names on napkins and then I’d count out the Goldfish equally so each of us got the same number. I was disciplined back then and would wait for them to get home so we could all eat them together.

Goldfish Crackers are amazing. They’re one of those foods you ate when you were a kid. And then when you have your own kids, you buy Goldfish for them and eat some so you can remember being a kid. Goldfish Crackers are happy food. And for some of us, they’re better than vegetables. Just check out this Tweet.

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 7.48.45 PM

Tata for now.



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