Hump Day Hilarity: Allergy Pride Parade

I am from a place not far from Portlandia. Though I may not be a Portlander, I get Portland. In fact, I dream of Portland. It is my utopia. But I also find Portland to be a bit quirky. We North-westerners often are a bit quirky, especially the Oregonians. I’ve heard our driving habits drive people nuts. But the crazy thing about Portland is portrayed in this satirical video below. It’s called Allergy Pride Parade. Check it out.

Seriously hilarious! And it’s really like this here, only not all the way. In Portland and the rest of the Willamette Valley, attention to one’s allergies is a daily thing. You may not have an allergy, but it is your job to honor the people all around you for the allergies they have accomplished in their lives. What? you ask. How are allergies an accomplishment? I get your confusion; allergies are now so common that those of us without insane allergies are becoming the minority. Pretty soon, they’re going to put people who actually eat Gluten in museums because they are really that rare.

I’m not dissing people with allergies. I occasionally have seasonal allergies, but I try to stop them by eating local honey. That’s another thing you learn around here; ways to manage your natural reaction to pollen shooting into your eyes; eat the sweet stuff the bees make.

Tata for now.



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