Message to guy pretending to be from @Microsoft: Quit calling us.

Don’t call here! We don’t want your business. Actually, we don’t want you at all. Get away.

This is my reaction to the offensive and horrible phone call my dad just received. Someone with an Indian accent claiming to be with Microsoft called his house and asked him to turn on his computer so he could update some malware protection. My dad’s response: “No.”

“If you just turn on your computer, I can fix this for you.” My dad’s response: “No.”

“Why didn’t you turn it on?” My dad’s response: “Because I don’t want you to have access to my computer.”

The guy’s response: “F@#% you, sir!” and he hung up.

My dad was pissed. I would be too. That’s just rude and lame. It’s not ok to do that on a “business” phone call, even if the guy on the other end was a hacker/scam artist.

I star-69ed the call and the number that called the house was 1-800-724-4682. If I had time to kill and a plethora of insults ready to jab at the guy, I would call the number back and harass the guy who pissed of my dad. But I won’t. Instead, I’ll say this: telemarketers are so incredibly lame. Fake telemarketers are even worse. I would rather NOT have a phone than have lame-o’s abuse the airwaves by calling to ask me to buy dumb crap. I’m a visual person, folks. I’m not going to buy something unless I can see it with my eyes so quit trying to scam me!



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