Nonsensical Breakfasts

Sometimes, it’s essential to make the most of a nothing sort of day. This morning, I made air-popped popcorn to eat for breakfast. It seemed like the perfect breakfast food to eat while I was dealing with the frustration brought about by a rogue internet connection. That’s the frustrating thing about crappy internet – the internet has become so essential to daily living that we almost don’t know how to function without it working right. On a normal day, I wouldn’t eat air-popped popcorn for breakfast; I’d stick to cereal or oatmeal. But today was hump day and I wanted to breakfast in style. I would suggest this to anyone as long as they keep it in proportion. A extra-large pepperoni pizza for breakfast can only end in bleh.

Tata for now.



One thought on “Nonsensical Breakfasts

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