Food Talks: Nachos without salsa are not real food.

Nachos without salsa are blah. I discovered this today though I’m pretty sure I knew this before. After work, I went to Albertsons to get some ice cream (typical hot day food) and I saw the Juanitas so I did a little food math in my head and bought them. After a quick dip in the pool, I made a small bowl of the first food I ever learned to make: nachos. My sister Shanna taught me how to make nachos when I was about seven. To make this simple dish, you put some tortilla chips on a plate or in a bowl, shred some cheese to sprinkle on top and put the combo in the microwave for 45 seconds to a minute. Then you eat them. Usually, I eat these simple nachos with salsa, but today I forgot one important thing: there was no salsa at the house. I should have bought some at Albertsons, but I didn’t even think about it. That’s one thing you should know about grocery shopping – make a list before you get to the store. Know what you’re getting. Spontaneous food purchases are never worth it. You always forget something and end up compromising good eats for quick eats. It’s not fun this way.

So as you can see from the title, I am declaring that nachos without salsa are not real food. Other “not real food” items include (but are not limited to):
• Popcorn as a meal
• M&Ms and Pepsi – as breakfast or lunch – I actually used to work with someone who ate this as breakfast and lunch. She was thin though incredibly unhealthy.
• Beer and fries – Talk about clogged arteries and a sick stomach.
• Cereal in a bowl with water – Why bother eating cereal if you’re not going to eat it with milk? It’s just weird with water.
• Air – not a food people
• Gum – just because you move your gums when chewing gum, that doesn’t mean that you are receiving any worthy nutrients.

Now I know that some people will continue to count these above items as meals. That doesn’t mean that I will give them my stamp of approval (because I know this stamp matters to a lot of people).

Tata for now.



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