Book Talks: I love the Delirium trilogy.

I finally finished reading the Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver. I was happy because I loved these books. I was sad because I don’t know that I like the way they ended. This is somewhat typical in life, right? We picture the way we want things to end and when they don’t turn out that way, we’re let down a bit. I suppose when reading these books, I wanted things to end the right way. I didn’t even do my typical cheat move and look ahead; I actually read the entire third book front to back without any peeking ahead. This didn’t help me in the end.

The Delirium trilogy has three books (duh, right?): Delirium, Pandemonium, and Requiem. I loved the first book. In fact, when I first read it I couldn’t put it down and I went to the local bookstore during my lunch break to order Pandemonium so I could read it. Both were amazing.

Delirium is the tale of Lena and her journey into falling in love. Lena lives in a different America from you and I. Her America is strange. The government decided that love is the reason we have so many problems in the world such as war and other conflicts. So they give everyone operations to get rid of the delirium, the disease. Lena grew up believing that love was a disease and not until she met Alex did any of that change. Much happens in the book. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but if you like The Hunger Games and sweet stories of love, you’ll like this book.

Pandemonium picks up where Delirium left off, but the book shifts between two times, where the Delirium ended and a year later. In the later story, a new boy is introduced. I love this boy. He’s crazy at first, but I love the guy Julian turns out to be. He’s the Jacob. Alex was totally the Edward.

Requiem starts out great. It picks up after Pandemonium, but then it starts to jam too many things together. The people in Delirium’s America are starting to fight. There is a war brewing and the invalids (those who are not “cured” of the disease called love) are geared to fight. The book brushes on the paradox of the issue: the invalids left society to be able to love and now they are going to war (not at all in a loving way) to force society to change. They’re not full of love, but hate for “the others” in their story. The actual ending was great: a wall was torn down. This tearing down of the wall actually made me cry a little bit, but the people endings were disappointing. Lena has two guys in love with her and though she made comments about which boy she would choose, she doesn’t in the book. I think this was for readers like me, the ones that want her and Julian to end together. He’s sweeter and more… charismatic in my opinion.

The Delirium trilogy is a must-read for me. Up against the Hunger Games Trilogy, I don’t know that it would win the presidency, but it might be a good VP or Secretary for the Young Adult Dystopian genre.

My ratings:
The Full Series: 5 stars
Delirium: 5 stars
Pandemonium: 5 stars
Requiem: 3.75 to 4 stars.

“This is not any kind of happiness that I imagined. It is not what I chose.” (Requiem, Page 298)


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