Happy Birthday, America!

Fourth of July is quite a holiday. It’s the happy holiday many people use as an excuse to barbecue, drink beer, and wear American flag gear. As a kid, I always liked this holiday. My family used to go to the beach with all of the Bunns and I would love spending days on the beach with my cousins and aunts and uncles. But then I got older and my parents stopped wanting to go to the beach. Then I started working and rarely got that holiday off. In Ukraine, I liked the holiday, until my friend gave a cigarette burn on my finger. Then I was anti-independence day for a while. Then I got over that and realized that it’s an awesome holiday. I love America. I love the freedoms we have here in our country so I love the day we celebrate our independence from the Brits.

American strawberry pie

Last year, my sister made this strawberry pie for our 4th of July festivities. It was tasty, delicious, and totally cheesy (though it contained no cheese).

Apple pie is pretty much the most American you can get (desserts wise).
Many people wear red, white, and blue colors on July 4th.
Everybody has a right to think and believe what he or she chooses.
Raise the roof with your positive attitude towards our country.
Independent thinkers make up our great nation.
Can you sing the national anthem?
Amaze your neighbors and guests with great fireworks.

Happy 4th Everybody!


P.S. I could tell you more about how my mom decided to have people sing the national anthem before we ate the hamburgers tonight, but I’m still recovering.


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