Holiday Weekend Brewski Advice

It’s still 4th of July weekend. My sister-in-law is in major vacation mode. So are many other people. Since that’s what’s trending, I thought I’d kind of cope with it a bit. Fourth of July weekend = barbecues. Barbecues = hamburgers, potato chips and beer. Beer at home = in a can or in a bottle. I’m not a fan of canned beer. Neither are my family members. We get it from the bottle. I’m picky though. I won’t drink just any beer, which is part of the reason I refuse to consume beer from a can. Here are my top bottled beers.

1. Purple Haze – The color purple is my color. It just is. Put purple on anything and I’m more likely to check it out. Add raspberry flavor to a purple beer and you’ve got me transfixed.
2. Blue Moon – This was my favorite beer when I first started drinking beer. It’s filling and it has a taste of orange in it. I love this.
3. Pyramid Apricot Ale – My sister Shanna and I discovered this when we used to go camping together. Then my mom discovered it when we went to Leavenworth last October. It has been a beer staple ever since.
4. Tangerine Wheat from Lost Coast Brewery – This was a sweet discovering during the #californiaforthirty roadtrip this past April. I keep finding it on sale places and I get it to share with my peeps.
5. Newcastle Brown Ale – It’s just good.

Those are really my chosen beers. I have five main ones, perfect for my “top-five” sensibilities. I would highly recommend you invest in at least one of these on your holiday weekend. If you like brewskis, you’ll enjoy it.




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