This Week’s Awesome Find: Soda Stream

One of the most fun experiences is trying something new. There’s something fantastic about the feeling of being invincible and adventurous that gets us adventurous folk excited about life and the future. I felt like this the other day when I was housesitting and I used a Soda Stream Machine for the first time. I’d held off using it the other times I housesat and then the other day, I figured, this is what housesitting is all about, so I made some soda.

This was how.

I actually tried to film myself on my iPhone while I made the soda, but I ended up having a coffee cup in the way of the camera and then the angle was bad and unflattering thus you got the YouTube video.

If that video didn’t convince you, look at this one:

It’s just too fun, right? If I could find one on clearance somewhere, I’d so buy one for my new move to Corvallis.

Tata for now.


Note: Though I am totally writing about a product on this blog, the people of Soda Stream did not pay me for writing this. I haven’t yet hit that level of “influential blogger” that would get me moola for my encouraging words. I’ll work on that and let you know if they give me any money ever.


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