Peter Pan fought with his own shadow. The shadow ran away from him and fought for his own freedom, far from that childish wonderboy. But eventually, Wendy caught the shadow and gave it back to Peter and he sewed it back on.

We are the shadows. Some of us run away from the difficulties in life. We escape to freedom and we try to live a life far from our gravity-ridden pasts. But our bodies, our pasts, find us. We are cumulative beings; we come with all the baggage and scars our years have given us. We can’t just start anew without forgetting where we came from. Even people with amnesia have the bodies they developed before their brains stopped working. Even people in witness protection remember their lives beforehand. We are eclectic.

I try not to be the shadow. I try to be the body, the one in charge, the one who enables the shadow to move to and fro.


Tata for now.



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