Infamous (Or I am annoyed by that beret wearing wench.)

Is infamy worth celebrating? Jerry Springer was all the rage when I was in school. My classmates used to talk about him like he was the president of the United States. Ok. That’s a horrible comparison. Junior highers don’t really care about the president unless they are from really rich old-money families and will one day inherit the family corporations. They do, however, like trashy talk show hosts like Jerry Springer. The point is that Jerry Springer may have been infamous, but he wasn’t a guy you’d really care to have coffee with.

I feel the same way about Jerry Springer as I do about Monica Lewinsky. Ms. Lewinsky is the infamous intern who “did not” and then “did” have sexual relations with President William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton. She’s the intern with the black beret who apparently (I just learned today) went to Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Interesting. I still don’t like the woman, but knowing that she has ties to Oregon made her a little less ridiculous in my book.

During college, I took a lot of U.S. History classes. In one of those classes, Professor Cantrell told us that although Clinton did some great things with foreign policy, the thing he was going to be known for was his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. I mean – did you watch Political Animals last summer? The two parent characters were supposed to be like the Clintons and the guy was a total creeper. That’s just how many people see Bill Clinton.

Do I like Monica Lewinsky? No. It’s not because she had a relationship with the president or that she was stupid or even that she wore a beret. I dislike Monica Lewinsky because her name is famous and she’s in history books and she earned that fame in a very stupid way. We shouldn’t remember her or discuss her in history class. We should spend more time studying Susan B. Anthony or Abigail Adams, not the beret wearing Monica Lewinsky.

So if I dislike Monica Lewinsky so much, why am I blogging about her? Good question, friend! I was having dinner at Golden Valley Brewery in McMinnville the other night and I looked at their July calendar. They look up historical facts for each day every month and on July 23 it read, “Monica Lewinsky Born 1973.”

Monica Lewinsky.07.21.13

This really got my goat. I usually enjoy eating there and then this one little fact on the 23rd day of the month just irritated me. There had to have been many other things that happened on July 23 in history. Here are a few:

• In 1967, the 12th Street Riot began in Detroit, Michigan.
• In 1986 – Prince Andrew married Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson.
• In 1904 – The ice cream cone was invented by Charles E. Minches in St. Louis, Missouri.

Seriously, right? They chose Monica Lewinsky over an ice cream cone? They obviously don’t have their priorities straight.

That’s all for now.



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