Today’s Big News: Kate had her baby.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has had her baby. You heard already, right? Good. I thought that perhaps you’d holed yourself up in a bomb shelter after the horsemeat scandal. I heard about the baby this morning, when The New York Times sent the alert notification across the board to all the people with the App on their phones. Woohoo! I thought, so exciting. Ever since I went to London for the summer of 2002, I have loved the royal family. That’s not true, actually. I became obsessed with the royal family back in 1997 when Princess Diana was killed in the car accident. It’s sad that her death got me interested in the family, but it was only natural because let’s face it – her face was everywhere.

NBC Nightly News did a sweet homage to Diana as she would have been a grandmother today.

The royal family told the world that William and Kate had a baby boy via press release. If I ever have a baby, I want to do the same thing… I wonder who would print it or Tweet it. 😉

They baby’s name has not yet been revealed. I’m hoping they name him Theodore. I just really want someone cool to be named Theodore and I think this is a good chance. (Then he can be called Theo for short.)

Other things happened today besides the baby being born, but of course, as are all things royal, this takes the priority.

Tata for now.



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