A Little Boy Band Power for Hump Day

I used to love the Backstreet Boys. I had a crush on Nick Carter. For real. He was so hot. He looked like the cute Dairy boy from my high school. I loved the boy band because he was in it. Plus, I liked the catchy tunes.

Well, at some point I got over my crush on boy band music. I discovered real bands like the Beatles, CCR, Weezer, Imagine Dragons, Simon & Garfunkel, Mumford & Sons, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. I still have LFO’s album on my iTunes and I occasionally rock out to Hanson’s MmmBop just for kicks, but I don’t really fall asleep to N’Sync anymore if you know what I mean. I’m just really, not a creepy thirty-something looking to swoon over a boy band.

Until last night when I saw this video. To tell you the truth, I didn’t swoon. I didn’t really smile though I didn’t bust out laughing either, which I was afraid I would do. I liked the camera work until they showed the weird “we’re all standing in a line to sing as if we’re 18 years old” bit of the video. Watch it to see.

It’s Hump Day. I figured this video would help you through it. It will either:
a. Make you glad technology has made it so you don’t have to waste your money buying the album anymore – you can just watch the video once online.
b. Make you smile and remember the days when you were a teenager and you were majorly crushing on that one band.
c. Grab your attention so you have a new bad tune stuck in your head.
d. Make you realize that your favorite blogger (me) is a little weird and you’re sure glad you’ve got things more together than she does.
e. Give you a short distraction on an otherwise boring day.

Tata for now.



6 thoughts on “A Little Boy Band Power for Hump Day

  1. Ha! Love this and oh I had such a big crush on A.J. Plastered his face all over my bedroom-walls.. creeeepy! xD But hey thanks for making me remember, hadn’t thought about Backstreet boys in ages. Did not even know that they were still around! :O

      • It’s crazy that they are still around, do teenagers still like ’em? I mean they are not eeh (trying to think of a boyband) I dont know, but they are not young any more.

      • THAT was the boyband I was trying to think of! xD But in all honesty “The best of all time”? Really? I mean fine I knew all the lyrics to all of their songs, I can probably still sing along to some of them… but best of all time… Hmm yeah I dont know. >_<

      • I don’t agree with their conclusion. It sort of makes me cringe. A British invasion band like the Beatles is so much better!

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