Wish Boards

Yesterday, I discovered Thump Coffee, pretty much the coolest coffee shop in Bend, Oregon. (I wrote this before going to the other coffee shops on my tour de coffee shops in Bend.) I know it’s the coolest because when I went in, I knew I could just hang out in the coffee shop for a few hours… and I did.

One of the things I loved there (besides my delicious Americano … and the amazing music, of course) was the wish boards. They have wish boards hanging all over their ceiling. I wanted to write on one, but I was in such a selfish sort of mood, that I knew I wouldn’t write down the right wish, so I didn’t.

wish boards

If I had to make a real wish board, I would like to wish for inner peace or for my family to get over some of their fights, or even for a successful economy recovery here in the U.S. But what I really wish for is to be published, to have my book (that’s just waiting to be edited and published) in paperback form with a really cool cover and my name on the front. I know that’s selfish, but that’s what I’ve wished for since I was about six years old. It’s about time, right? Maybe if I can at least do it by the time I’m 36…

Wishes are a sacred thing. It feels wrong to share my wish with the world wide web, but let’s be honest, is it really that surprising? I mean, I blog every day, wouldn’t it be fitting for me to eventually publish a book?

Tata for now.



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