The Brewed Tour of Bend & Sisters

When I travel, one of my staple activities is to check out the local brews. No – in this case, I’m actually not talking about beer. Today, I’m talking about coffee: black coffee. It’s the good stuff, the stuff that keeps you awake.

I’m a girl who needs to drink coffee if I want to function. The problem is that I don’t always remember to drink coffee and this is a very, very bad thing. In fact, on days when I completely forget to drink coffee, I live a bit like a zombie. It happened the other day. I was working in the Garden Center and I was basically dead. I held the hose to water the plants in such a way that the water soaked out of every possible hole and leak in the hose, soaking my pant legs completely through. It was ridiculous. But as I was half-dead, I barely noticed until the 110th person of the summer commented, “You know you’re supposed to water the plants, not yourself, right?” Thanks, moron (I’m still waiting to actually voice this.) – that’s original. See, lack of coffee makes me mean. Can you tell that when writing this, I hadn’t had enough coffee too?

So coffee is one of those necessary drugs for my life. And it needs to be caffeinated, not the decaf junk. When traveling, I like to enjoy every single moment of my time away from “real life.” That means that I need to be wide awake for the adventure, no excessive sleeping allowed. And so I drink coffee in local coffee shops.

Wednesday, I had the whole day by myself in Bend, Oregon. In all honesty, I hate traveling alone. I’ve lived alone enough to really enjoy spending my vacations with others. When my mom invited me to come with her to her conference in Bend Wednesday through Friday, I was ecstatic. She’d invited me to go last year, but for some reason (probably work), I hadn’t been able to go. When she told me I could go this year, I jumped at the chance to take a few days away from the Garden Center and travel. It had been years since I’d gone to Bend and from the things I’d read thanks to Travel Oregon, I knew that the Central Oregon town my dad had been stationed in during two years of my childhood had changed a lot in recent years and I wanted to check it out.

Upon dropping off my mom and her friend at their conference, I jumped in the car and drove downtown. I checked out Drake Park and Mirror Pond, taking plenty of pictures, and then did the quick walk around the downtown area. That’s when I stumbled into Thump Coffee. The red Thump logo really drew me in. “Yes, I can stay here and write,” I said to myself as I did in fact begin to write. I’d already had a pretty big coffee upon arriving in Bend; my mom had stopped at Starbucks at the mall off of Highway 20 (I usually try to avoid Starbucks when traveling to places with good local coffee shops, but sometimes, especially when I’m with my mom, I go to our favorite Seattle-based chain.). Having just finished that coffee, I wasn’t sure I needed more, but all the same, I ordered an Americano. It was great. But the coffee shop was even better. When I got the bottom of Americano, however, I started to get the coffee shakes – too much coffee at once – so I packed up my laptop and headed out for a little walk. I didn’t make it far and went to Dudley’s Bookshop Café. Not only do they have tons of books, but they also have coffee and tea. I got the iced tea. I needed a quick break from the intensity of coffee bean awesomeness.

That was the extent of my coffee tour of downtown Bend. Thursday, I went to Sisters where I went to Sisters Coffee Co. That place is hoppin. Granted, there is a dead bear rug on the wall, but that doesn’t matter. When you walk through the door, you are greeted with the sweetest, most delightful aroma known in the United States: delicious and amazing coffee. Though I’m not really a dead animal décor kind of girl, I could get into hanging out at Sisters Coffee Co. – the coffee is damn good!

A proper coffee tour should all happen in one to three days. That means I have one more day, today, to finish my brewed coffee tour of downtown Bend and Sisters. That’s today. It should be good. The only problem is that when you discover awesomeness at the beginning (I loved both Thump Coffee and Sisters Coffee Co. enormously.), it’s hard to force yourself to go to a different place. Ah well – I’ll give it a shot.

Tata for now.



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