Taste of Film: Safety Not Guaranteed a Definite Hit

“I can tell your type. You’re just not a quality hire.” This is what we already know of April from NBC’s Parks and Recreation, but we sort of hope that the real Aubrey Plaza isn’t quite so, you know, blah. I don’t think she is. As Darius, Plaza brings life to an otherwise dull, uninteresting character. She’s a girl just skating by, not really enjoying her life or her internship until Jeff (played by New Girl’s Jake Johnson), one of the writers at her internship, signs her up for an assignment in Ocean View, Washington. The story that she, Jeff, and another intern work on is about a man who’s planning to travel through time. It’s strange and sweet and in general just sort of crazy, but it’s fun.

This is definitely a movie for true lovers of indie films and unique, off-the-radar storylines. I’m not sure if my mom would like it. She’d probably find Kenneth (Mark Duplass) the time traveler a little strange. But the movie isn’t just about time travel. It’s about finding someone and embracing your quirks as you find your place in the world. I’m a bit quirky and I like movies so this movie was definitely for me.

Now as for the time travel question that must be asked after watching this movie, what time would you go back to? The answer, my friends, is that I would go back to the 1920s Jazz Age and I’d hang out in the Speakeasies with the Fitzgeralds for a while. I’d love to have a Midnight in Paris sort of experience. That’d be just grand.

But if I were to go back to 2001, the year Kenneth wants to return to, I would probably fix my hair and eyebrows so I could have had a real date to Prom, rather than just going with my group of friends.

Right now, Safety Not Guaranteed is on Instant Netflix. I’d definitely check it out if I were you.

Tata for now.



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