This morning, when I started working at 5 AM, I looked up and I saw this:


The lights in the Garden Center are huge and they look strangely robotic. When I notice something like this, I start to imagine what it would be like if the lights came alive or if they were taken over by aliens, you know that crazy sci-fi/fantasy stuff that makes you embarrassed to be immature for your age.

Then I started to think about the lights even further. Someone designed the lights. Someone created the lights by assembling each piece. Someone mounted the lights. Someone repaired the lights when they burned out. Someone set the timers to turn the lights on. Someone squinted when the lights shone directly in his eyes.

These lights aren’t robots and they aren’t possessed by alien beings. They are ugly and yet they are beautiful. It took many hands to create them and make them functional and that, my friends, is art.

Tata for now.



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