YouTube’s TV Couples

Am I completely pathetic for watching videos on YouTube? Of course not… If I were watching Comedy Week, I know I’d be cool. Usually, I watch SNL Clips or bits from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. But sometimes, when I get really into a soap opera type show, I get into the other stuff: the montages of TV dream couples. My most recent interest was in the relationship between Liam and Annie from 90210 (the new one). I have also caught myself watching Wade and Zoe, Ross and Rachel, Jess and Nick, Brooke and Julian, Logan and Veronica, and Elena and Damon. Notice how most of these TV shows aired on the CW? I think that’s because that channel caters to my juvenile abilities to understand relationships.

So – sure you can judge me a little for this, but if you decide to watch even one of them, you may just prove yourself to be a romantic at heart.

Here are a few of the clips and then the reasons why I love these couples.


Lannie is good because they are pretty much the only two characters I like on the entire show of 90210. I find the show to be pretty trashy, but Annie and Liam as a couple are just interesting to me.

Jess and Nick:

So the show wasn’t supposed to ever become a romantic comedy, but then these two actors started playing their characters and they just sort of clicked. I love the Jess/Nick story and when they had their first big kiss, my sister and I sort of freaked out and shrieked in excitement.

Wade and Zoe:

Rachel Bilson actually annoys me, but her character and persona are less annoying when she’s together with low IQ Wade. I just like him.

Brooke and Julian:

Brooke was always the most interesting character on One Tree Hill. When Lucas screwed her over for the curly-haired blonde, I always hoped she’d find someone who would treat her better. Julian was that guy. Plus, he’s hilarious and cute as a button!

Veronica and Logan:

Logan is a total jerk. I don’t know why I like him, but I do. And Veronica and Logan do have an “epic” relationship.

Elena and Damon:

Stefan is just annoying and his forehead is too large. Damon is the only brother worth appreciating so of course I have hoped for he and Elena to get together since the beginning.

Ross and Rachel:

Apparently Ross and Rachel are TV’s “it-couple” for life. I sort of liked the idea of Joey and Rachel together in season 9 so I may not be the best person to talk to about this.

So there you go. If you ever get into a TV show and only want to see the couple bits rather than all the rest of the story (which actually gives the shows more substance – oops) just check out YouTube.

Tata for now.



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