The Protein Bomb and its Creator

My sister’s husband is weird. It’s okay that I’m saying this, because I’m weird too, but my brother-in-law Mark is very, very strange. I first thought that something might be a bit off with Mark when I saw his huge beard. But then my sister told me that he loved peanut butter and chocolate as much as I did. No way! I thought. NO ONE loves chocolate and peanut butter as much as I do.

I was wrong.

It may look gross, but I ate every bite of my half sandwich.

It may look gross, but I ate every bite of my half sandwich.

Mark does.

So tonight while I was helping my sister set up her classroom at Dayton Junior High School, Mark texted her about the protein bomb. He wanted to make one for the two of us to share when we left the school. And so he did.

I could smell the protein bomb when we got to the house. It smelled of grilled sandwich and tuna. But the protein bomb was a peanut butter sandwich so I was unsure of what this sandwich was really all about.

According to Mark, the protein bomb has all the greatest ingredients in it so that if you eat it today (Thursday), you won’t need to eat again until Tuesday. (This is not really true as I know that Mark eats between the two days starting with “T.”)

Tonight’s sandwich included: Dave’s Killer Bread, tuna, ham, fried egg, cheese, pickle, and was topped with peanut butter.


Actually, it was alright. All the ingredients are great by themselves; it’s just a bit weird to have them all in one sandwich, especially when the time you are eating is 10:42 PM.

My brother-in-law Mark is weird. Sure, I ate the sandwich and took pictures on my iPhone, but I still find it weird that he did made a dish in which peanut butter and pickle are both main ingredients. In my kitchen, this is taboo.

Tata for now.



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