Do your shoes match your socks?

Matching is overrated. It’s true folks. Matching is for the uniform mind. If you’re a creative, slightly weird type, you might forget about matching on occasion. I am one of those people. Unfortunately, I think my ability to wear mismatched clothes has influenced my daily apparel and this is unfortunate. You start to realize that you’ve begun “slumming it” in the wardrobe department when you visit your workplace on a day off in sweats and your grungiest t-shirt. #whoops!

But once you realize that you’ve started to fail in your clothing choices, you are aware enough to start fresh. And that’s what I’m going to do.

What, you may be wondering, has led to this interesting life discussion? Look below.

QUirky footwear

On Friday, I went to hang out with my brother and instead of wearing my black flip-flops, I ended up donning my purple Keds and my hot pink and bright purple ankle socks. And I looked awesome. When I actually met up with my brother, he asked, “Those don’t actually match, do they?” And I told him that no, they did not.

It’s okay not to match. It shows personality. And if you’re at all like my seven-year-old niece or I, you may find yourself mismatching outfits and accessories on purpose.

Tata for now.



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