Квас and Ice Cream – Food News Monday

My friend Morgan recently introduced her family to Квас. Квас is the sort of Russian/Ukrainian specialty that you make your friends try when they visit you when you’re living in Ukraine with the Peace Corps. Though it’s not what you’d usually choose to drink on a hot day, preferring to head to the pub for a cold beer instead. Квас is sour. It’s brown. It’s yeasty. And when you drink it, you know you’re in Eastern Europe.

Screen Shot Courtesy of Bing.com!

Screen Shot Courtesy of Bing.com!

American kids wouldn’t like Квас. I know this, because I’m still an American kid and I don’t like Квас. In this NPR article, Deena Prichep notes that American kids line up for ice cream trucks. We do. It’s true.

But so do Ukrainians. My host mom in Lypovets used to go buy the little ice cream cones whenever it was hot. In summer and spring, the ice cream stands popped up on every corner. That’s what you get to help cool yourself down on hot days. Thirty years ago, it used to be Квас on every corner.

Here in Yamhill County, we don’t have snow cone shacks or ice cream trucks that pop up everywhere during the summer. This makes me somewhat sad. It would be nice for there to be a little more, you know, culture to help us get through the heat that comes for twelve days every summer.

Tata for now.



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