Food Confession: Darn I Ruined the Potatoes

So it’s hard to make a twice-baked potato. I tried the other day and it didn’t really turn out quite right. I didn’t really look up how to make them. I just winged it. I tend to do this often. Like when I bought my first kitchen table, I bought the stain from Lowe’s and decided to stain it freehand, without tape. Then my dad stained the other side with painters’ tape and would you be surprised to know that his side is the one on top. Me neither.

When I made the twice-baked potato, I cut the already cooked potato in half, cut through the refrigerated potato meat with my fork and then added onions, tiny pieces of a leftover Polish sausage, and tomato roasted hummus. Then I covered it in aluminum foil and baked it for its second oven run.

Upon taking them out of the oven, I realized that I’d made a small mistake. Apparently, you’re supposed to mash the potatoes first and then put them back in their skins. I could have learned this with a quick Google search, but like a guy who’d rather drive around in circles than stop to ask directions, I push forward through all my experiments, whether or not they are doomed to fail.

Even though I failed with the twice-baked potato experience, this isn’t the end. Now I know how not to do them. I learned something. And that’s the way we learn, right? Even us folks who don’t really know how to cook have got to start somewhere.

Tata for now.



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