Health Tip of the Week: Hugging Helps

“You look like you need a hug.” This is the sort of thing I say to family members quite often. I’m a major hugger so I give hugs to people who are my friends or family. I always knew that hugs were good for me because when I moved to Nampa, Idaho for the winter of 2012/13, I lived without any hugs for about four months and I was miserable. When my dad talked to my sister on the phone one day, he asked her to please give me a hug because I would need one every once in a while. She attempted, but failed. Shelli is apparently not a hugger at all. She gave me one of those weird side hugs after her phone call with my Pops.

When I was driving home the other day, I listened to a radio commercial that was awesome. It was awesome because it proved that my hugs not only helped me stay healthy but helped others as well. Kaiser Permanente shared that hugging actually helps to reduce stress. That’s one of the reasons I hug so much – to rid myself of those gross stress toxins. Whenever I’m stressed out or feel icky and sad, a hug really helps me. Like honestly. A hug will make me feel one hundred percent better than I felt before the hug.

Because I’m human and thus believe my way is the right way, I believe that if I give hugs to others when they’re having rough days, their days will get better like mine would. It seems to work a tiny bit with my parents, but I’m not sure about others. One day at Lowes, my coworker was feeling down and I asked her if she needed a hug. She said that the offer alone perked her up quite a bit. So you see, hugs work.

I think hugging is essential to one’s daily life. We all need hugs. Just remember to wear deodorant, because let’s be honest, when you hug a stinky one, things get a little rough.

Tata for now.



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