Do you do Pandora?

If not, you should. Pandora is an online radio station that allows you to listen to the artists and genres you love without the hassle of other crap music on your radio station. I don’t always use Pandora. In fact, most of the time I pick song after song to play on my iPhone without ever committing to a certain album, artist, or playlist. I’m old school this way. I know I’m old school for this because of this tweet from @prodigalsam in May.

But this week, things changed. I realized that I was making my life too difficult. I was living in the past and I needed to catch up to the world in 2013. So I added Pandora to my smart phone. It is amazing. You can listen to it at work, in the car, or wherever you are hanging out. You can really just win awards for being magnificent just for listening to this online radio treasury. I know that by writing about Pandora as if it’s a new phenomenon may make me seem less “with it” for this day and age, but seriously, rediscovering Pandora this past week has been a lifesaver. It’s like falling in love all over again!

Tata for now.



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