2013 – It’s that special year… when the best of us turn thirty!

I turned thirty in April. It was a happy day. But 1983 brought the world a lot of really cool things. Mental floss showcased them for us this March. I only recently discovered the list. My favorites are these three:
1. # 18 – Cabbage Patch Kids – I love these guys because I grew up with them. I collected mini figurines and had two of the plush bodied, hard plastic face dolls in my room.
2. #2 – D.A.R.E. – Drug Abuse Resistance Education – I got to be in the newspaper as a star D.A.R.E. kid when I was in the fifth grade. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I was determined to never take any drugs or alcohol (including Tylenol) and that I would police the classroom for my teacher, making sure she was aware of any discrepancies in the behavior of my peers.
3. #27 – Microsoft Word – Um. Hello. Where do you think I typed and saved this post? I’ve been a fan of Microsoft Word since I knew it existed.
There are many, many things that came into existence in 1983. That year brought our world some pretty amazing things, myself included. What’s your favorite thing from Mental Floss’s list?

Enjoy the day.



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