My Friend (Union) Jack

British table bitI like Britain. In fact, I love Britain. I love its shape. I love its language. I love the humor. I love the fish and chips. I love the beer. I love the beer culture. I just love Britain. And when I was a high school student, I decided that I wanted to move to England. I did… twice. I studied in London for the summer of 2002. And then I studied at Oxford for the fall of 2004. But I didn’t stay in England. As much as I loved it, I realized that I wanted to do other things rather than stay in the reserved country where people talk about the weather at dinner.

But despite the fact that I dumped Britain for the Peace Corps, Lowe’s, the U of O, and my blog, I still love it. I honor this love by sporting the Union Jack. I’ve got the cards, a wallet, a CD case, and now that I’ve posted this, I’m sure my big brother will send me something with the Union Jack on it. (hehe)

That’s all she wrote.



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