Very Ugly Photos: Why Older Sisters Rock

My sister Shelli is a peach. She really is. When she came to visit the family in late July, we ended up looking someone up in an old yearbook. That’s when we came across the spectacularly horrible yearbook my friends and I created during our senior year of high school. Not only was the design horrible, but the pictures we placed of ourselves were awful. There’s one of me looking pretty bad, slouching on a table in a Planet Hollywood t-shirt with a floral wreath in my hair and a flower tattoo painted on my arm. It was not very attractive. But for some reason I liked the picture. Barf. I did, you know. I just barfed a little just thinking of that picture.

So when Shelli saw that picture, she took a picture on her iPhone of the ugly picture and then she created this.

Then Now Ugly Rece

Ugh! Bleh. Again, I barf at my own image. It’s horrible, but the “now” scene is actually from late July when Shelli came to visit. I know. It’s horrible. And Shelli is a peach for creating this collage and posting it to instagram.

Since I now realize that my sister will always photograph me in this horrible likeness, I decided to own it on the blog. We all have ugly days, years, eras, moments. And I suppose if we want to get past them, we just have to embrace them and hope that we’ll have at least one good-looking day to counteract the yucky bits.

Tata for now.



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