Girl Toys, Redefined

For the past month or so, I’ve been trying to be a good, modern DIY girl by working on projects such as painting old furniture and making and canning applesauce. I start these projects after an eight hour work day so usually about three hours into each project, I begin to whine. If my dad’s around, I tell him that: “I can’t believe women used to do this all the time fifty years ago” or “Now I know I need to get married so my husband can do all this stuff for me.” These comments go totally against the feminist mind inside my head but sometimes my thoughts stray towards my traditional childhood when my mom had me help her clean and make food inside while the boys worked on the farm outside. She taught me that when it came to boiling eggs, girls got full hard-boiled eggs with the “g” for girl on them and boys got soft-boiled eggs with the “b” on them. We were forced to wear dresses to church on Easter and we wore white tights with shiny black shoes. This is what it meant to be a girl.

I know now that girls come in many shapes,sizes and mindsets. No two girls like exactly the same things. But as you can tell from the small glimpse into my child above, girls can be brainwashed molded to think and behave a certain way.

So today, I read a story from NPR about how two people from Stanford are redesigning dollhouses to encourage girls to become interested in technology. I love this. I want to give my daughter (should I ever have one) one of these so she can learn to be a stronger, more powerful woman than even I am.

Tata for now.



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